Team staff mandatory meeting is after the Dodgers Season Kick-off BBQ (TBA)

Coaches will pick up team equipment and managers will pick up team jerseys at this time.

LLBMBA plays in a community league not a competitive league. Our goal is to keep kids playing ball from year to year. In order to keep them in the sport all our Coaches and Assistant Coaches must agree to fair play through out the season.  

Team Staff & Requirements

T-Ball Coaches are required.   Plan fun active practices with focus on skill development.  Will receive $50 at the end of the season or credit towards registration next season.  Coach registration will be located in the RAMP Softball Registration.  Follow process below.  Please do not choose "assistant coach" for t-ball.

Coach: *Coaches will receive $100 or credit next years registration at the end of the season. 

  • Run practices for the team putting effort in player development. 
  • Make team rosters for games ensuring fair play is considered.  
  • Equipment : Team coaches are responsible for team equipment; pick up and return
  • Report scores 

Assistant Coach (2 per team) :  *Assistant Coaches will receive $50 each at the end of the season or credit next years registration at the end of the season. 

  • Assist coach wherever possible and help at all practices and games

Manager*Managers will receive $100 at the end of the season or credit next years registration at the end of the season. 

  • Parent phone calls to organize players. 
  • Organize umpires for games and track umpires for payment. 
  • Must have roster at each game.
  • Jerseys (detailed information will be given out to managers)
  • Volunteer Commitment (details will be given to managers on responsibilities)


Coaches Code of Conduct 2020 (included on the coach application) Each Coach & Assistant will be require to read through and sign a paper copy.

Coaching a youth sport program such as minor baseball in Lac La Biche is a privilege that is not to be taken for granted.  As a coach appointed by the LLB Minor Ball Association (LLBMBA), you have an important role in the development in the young children in our community. We strive to teach each child the positives of good values and sportsmanship, fair play, and teamwork.  In order to make sure each coach is acting in the best interest of the child and minor baseball the LLBMBA has developed a Coaches Code of Conduct for interactions with players, parents, fans, coaches and umpires.

1)  Players- When there are interactions with players, the appropriate language and behavior is expected

  1. a) Language- At no time is yelling or swearing at a child acceptable. As a coach you are a mentor and should focus on the positives.  A coach should always be looking for a reason to praise and encourage players.
  2. b) Discipline- At no time is physical discipline of a player acceptable. Coaches have a variety of discipline measures at their disposal including restrictions to the dugout, dismissal from a game or practice, and from the LLBMBA a dismissal from the team.

2)  Parents / Fan- Coaches are expected to interact with parents with a professional manner. Appropriate language and behavior is expected at all times.  At no times is a coach allowed to respond to a comment from a fan during a game.

3)  Coaches- Coaches are expected to interact with other coaches in a professional manner.  At no time should a coach yell from the dugout to the other at the opposing coach.  Coaches are to address other coaches between innings and with the umpire present.  If the need arises that a coach has to talk to the other coach he is to call for a timeout to the umpire and the coaches will meet at the home plate.

4)  Umpires- Coaches are expected to interact with umpires with a professional manner.  At no time should a coach yell from the dugout, 1st base coach’s box, or 3rd base coaches box to the umpire.  Coaches are to address the umpires between innings with the umpire’s permission.  If the need arises to talk to the umpire during the inning the coach will then call a timeout and ask the umpires permission to talk. If the coach ask for the umpire’s permission to discuss a call the umpire will be more willing to listen.

5)  Drugs, alcohol, tobacco- A coach determined to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol will be asked to leave the field immediately.  An infraction of this type with permission from the LLBMBA will result in a termination from coaching. Tobacco in any forms is strictly prohibited.

In the event a complaint is received by the LLBMBA of a coach failing to comply with the above Code of Conduct the Board may decide to 1) dismiss the case, 2) draft a warning letter or 3) revoke all coaching privileges.  By signing in the space below, you are agreeing that you have read and understand the Coaches Code of Conduct for Lac La Biche Minor Ball Association.



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